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Thus Passes The Glory (Natalia TG TF)
    'Oh dear.'
    'It's now or never! All right, Jonathan requires an excellent score. He needs a round of 29 to tie, 30 to win this competition! It would be Saint Hanib High's first championship after fifty long years of disappointments if he can do this!'
    Jonathan Luchs readied his bow and arrow as he walked across the grass field and to his station. He wanted to win so badly for himself, his school, and his mother. A loss was unacceptable.
    Jonathan was an archer. He was the captain of his school's archery team. His school, Saint Hanib, had an excellent archery team that had somehow never won the state finals in fifty years of trying, and surely Jonathan was the key to breaking that streak!...At least that's what everyone thought.
    'Easy, Jonathan, easy...', he said to himself as he raised his bow and taut his arrow. His mind began to wander a bit. Were there really still bowyers and fletchers out there? How much money did
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Robotic Core (TF)
    Astoria Deos was not someone that many people thought was an explorer. Hell, she looked like either a cosplay model or a librarian to most people, she was that cute. In fact...she was both. But on the side, she worked as an independent explorer for whoever wanted an unknown area surveyed. A client's claim of 'this will be your toughest assignment, methinks' rarely sounded very threatening, considering just how often she got into trouble. In fact, she was usually more concerned with something trivial instead of the possible dangers of the mission. For her newest job, infiltrating an old underground power plant, her biggest concern wasn't the five trillion, four hundred fifty-nine billion, six hundred eleven million, three hundred seventy-two thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five ways she could be killed...but instead was her suit.
    '...Holy SHIT this thing is uncomfortable...' Her suit was an alloy, half lycra and half titanium
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Ash To Ash (Magearna TG TF) Pokellection
This is a collection piece. I've mashed several stories together (in this case, Trails of Gleaming Swords, Showtime, Bouncing, and Ash to Ash) to make for easy reading. If you've already read the stories and don't wish to read them again, feel free to skip this one. If you'd like to read them again, or you haven't read them yet, then sit back, relax, grab a birch beer, and enjoy.
   'Wait a this...'
   I got home from the store and sat down on my bed to open my pack. I looked around for a pair of scissors to open it, all the while wondering if I'd get a new Pòkémon card.
   'Hmm...oh, here's some scissors.' I ripped open the pack and was greeted by a few cards I already had.
   'I've got that one...hmm...wait, something seems off.' I looked to my right, then to my left. 'Well, let's keep going.'
   It was a large pack, but most of them were just duplicates of cards I already had. I was getting rather frustrated by
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Swing Once (Disgaea Double TGTF) EXEC::Collection
This is a collection piece. I've combined several stories (in this case, Swing Once) so you don't have to go searching for the second part. I haven't added anything to the stories themselves, so if you've already read Swing Once and don't want to read it again, feel free to skip this one. Otherwise, grab a birch beer and enjoy!
    'June? June! JUNE!'
    It was the second time around for Kieran Campbell. Twenty-six, brown-haired and green-eyed, and from Britain, Kieran was a charming one. He'd had an expedition out before to Japan, and now it was off to the northern Australian coastline. A cavern right along the shore had been off-limits for a few years, but access had recently been permitted. Kieran was new, but was already very popular, partially for the accent, which his American co-workers adored, and partially for his talent in finding things most people overlooked, as well as his overall bravery.
    'You're June I'll be workin' with you
:iconseibara:Seibara 6 1
Trails Of Cold Lead (Noel TG TF) Golden Collection
This is a collection piece. I've mashed a couple stories together (in this case, Trails of Cold Lead) for easier reading. If you've already read both parts, and you aren't up for reading through the full story again, feel free to ignore this one. If you have not read the full story, or you'd like to read it again, then grab yourself a birch beer and enjoy.
    'One more, you son of a bitch!'
    'Whuh? NO!' I looked upon my next victim and pointed my gun. This guy was twenty-five or so, and I kind of felt for him, as he probably had a family, but in this business, a job was a job.
    'You didn't pay back the debt! We gave you two weeks, it's been three, you fucker...' I sighed. 'But y'know've got a family, don't you?'
    'Yes! I have a wife...I have three kids...and-' I cut him off.
    'I'm a nice person. You owe us two thousand bucks. Give me what you got, and never get involved with us again. Never purchase shit from us,
:iconseibara:Seibara 2 5
Let It All Come Down (Charlotte TG TF)
    'The hell are you?!'
    The night was drawing near, the one I feared would be my last. An unknown and airborne illness had swept through the area. I caught it, and I was tested around the same time as that, so it was found very quickly, and an antidote was given. However, it simply didn't work. It seemed my body rejected the antidote. It truly was a strange disease, as I still had my prior energy and vigor, but when my blood was next looked at, massive amounts of the disease were found in the bloodstream. The doctors compared how long patients with the illness had lived, and gave me an estimate on how long I had left, along with what they thought would be the absolute maximum. Well, today is that absolute maximum, and if I awaken to the morning sun tomorrow, I'll be exceedingly lucky. And luck has never been on my side. Doctors had put me in a quarantined area, a simple wooden room with a decent bed, wooden bedside table, and a desk, all just in case.
:iconseibara:Seibara 10 14
Even More Facts About Me, Some Guy On The Internet
I exist!
    Yeah, I'm not dead quite yet (though that'll probably be within a couple years, knowing me). I've just been really busy with AN EXCITING ROUND OF...finals, and it seems as though I'm either I'm studying, playing something, too tired to crank out something decent, or busy heading to class in -500 degree Kelvin weather.
This time, I will let you guys post questions you may have for me in the comments, and I will add them to this submission with my answer. I doubt I will get many responses, but you never know...
    Sarcasm and a dirty sense of hum
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Upon The Sound (Fuuko Amicus TG TF)
    'No? Hmm...'
    '...Oh? Are you doing all right, bud?'
    'Yeah, I'm all right, just kinda down in the dumps.'
    'Maybe getting in the water instead of just sticking your feet in will help you out, bud. Keep in mind, open swim ends shortly, so you'll have to head back to the locker room, because the girl's swim team will then have their chance to practice. They don't need any distractions, after all. A big competition is coming up for them...but I'm sure you already know that.'
    '...Yeah, I know. All righty.' The lifeguard left and returned to his post. I looked back downwards towards the pool water, lamenting my own misery. I just stared. I wanted something, but I didn't know what.
    'Oh?', said someone from right behind me, '...What're you doing?' I didn't bother turning my head towards her.
    '...Just thinking. Not much more to do than that, considering...' I was going to whine, but at the last mome
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Fuchsia Verdict (Corrin + Camilla TG TF)
    '...Holy shit!'
    '...Beautiful evening for a hike, yeah, Runie?'
    'Heheh, yeah. It's a lovely evening, Sarah.'
    National parks...or national forests, or national monuments, or whatever you wanna call them. The best way to access natural beauty, or the best way to kill yourself or disappear if you're David Paulides...but never mind him. Going in during the evening, especially during sunset, is one of the most romantic things a couple can do. Paul Lunaoro, or as he prefered to be called, Paul Runestone, knew this well. He'd taken his beloved, Sarah Caruaru, for a lovely walk along the side of a canyon. The two weren't engaged yet, but that was mainly because Runestone had a bit of self-doubt. He knew she'd accept, he just didn't want to do it yet. Sarah knew that this was who she'd marry, but was really just waiting. In fact, she was about to propose herself if he didn't. What was wrong with a girl proposing, after all?
:iconseibara:Seibara 23 24
End Of Raging Raging (Fiora TG TF)
    Yknow what, skipping the summarising line here. No, it's not a thesis, it's a summarising line. Do you put theses at the beginning?
    Ah, New Jersey. The land of the Shore, highway jughandles, ten million people, and not a ton more than that. Well, it's home to me, some 5-foot-something loser by the name of...well, now, Fiora Seiba. It used to be Taira Seiba, but something came up. So, I may as well address that 'something', should I?
    Right, it was...uh, sometime in late October of some year. 2020? 2016? I dunno what year it was. This story was typed without a year in mind, and due to that, any continuity is fucking impossible to pinpoint. In any case, I was running for my life down the street after pissing off the RWBY fanbase. Some of the mob pursuing me were holding up match boxes, a few more mob members were holding up rope bundles, and yet more had in their hands lighter fluid and accelerant. Yeah, they weren't planning on being very gentle
:iconseibara:Seibara 15 4
Trails Of Cold Lead (Noel Vermillion TG TF) P2
    'This'll be fun...'
    '...Tch, of course he'd be in an abandoned hotel.' The hotel I stood in front of had been abandoned ten years prior due to lack of revenue, which made sense considering that five-star thirty-eight floor hotels don't belong on the outskirts of the city. But in any case, I headed on in, flashlight in one hand, one pistol in the other. I had the other one holstered. I doubted the elevator worked, but to my surprise, the door opened. All of the buttons were missing except one, however. I decided to press it, and up I went.
    '...*sigh*...I'm tense...cmon, Lane. Calm yourself down...' I was stopped by the surprising sound of the most fucking bizarre elevator music ever.
    xO rre vonn papana fLYIpLYInO ut kvyeire qoga iem/.
    The rain of darkness has reached the ends of the Earth, where it continues to fall.
    xO rre omness aLYIuLYIkO zodaw ess rudje noglle doodu/.
    The land
:iconseibara:Seibara 6 1
Answers (Pyrrha TG TF) Perfect Collection
This is a collection piece. I've mashed several stories together (in this case, Answers) for easy reading. If you've already read through Answers, and don't wish to read through it again, feel free to pass this one up. If you haven't read it, or want to read it once more, then grab yourself a birch beer and enjoy.
    'Are you saying there's one more final battle?'
    '...All right, so this WOULD be the time where we'd have the last quarterfinal, but, get this, BOTH FIGHTERS HAVE WITHDRAWN!'
    '...What!?' I sat up on the couch in my small individual lounge, taken completely by surprise. I reached for the remote and turned the volume on the television up.
    'Rules state that if this happens, judges will vote on best loser, and they'll transfer. So who gets a lucky break? Well, if you think we'll tell you before this commercial break, you're wrong-'
    I shut the television off, unhappy at how this was being broadcasted. I mean, thi
:iconseibara:Seibara 10 4
If It's For The Heirs (Shigure TG TF)
I felt I had to wrap this story up. This is the second half to 'If It's For You'. Additionally,  the languages from Ar Tonelico or Surge Concerto are used very, very little in this one, but I will not rule out further usage. Well, that's all I've got. So, enjoy 'If It's For The Heirs'!
    'Yorr nille clyncye zaarn...'
    So there's another story to tell...all right, but...but who will the narrator be? I destroyed him, after all. We need a new...*sigh*...well, all right. I suppose no one else can do this, so I shall pause from my search for my companions to tell the conclusion to my origin story. I, the new Maternal Overseer, will be the narrator to this tale. All right, here we go.
    Was yea gagis linen akata yora.
    I will be happy to tell you all a story.
    The Explorer's Union in New York rarely saw meetings, but on this day, a week after the loss of June August, the CIA showed up to the building
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More Facts About Me That You Didn't Need To Know
Note, to those who want to look at this again for some reason, I've put it in a separate folder in my gallery. It's under, 'Aboutez-Moi'.
    So, you wanna learn a bit about some tool you met online, eh? Well, all right. I'll be doing this in the form of questions that absolutely nobody asked, because everyone has better things to do then learn about yours truly. So...let's get started.
    Is that a lack of confidence or a fierce sense of sarcasm up top?
    Sarcasm. I'm very sarcastic, and have a very dry sense of humor.
    Where are you from?
    Y'know what, I will answer that. The glorious state of...New Jersey. And no, I don't say it New Joisey, they do that on Staten Island. And before you ask, yes, it's true that we don't pump our own gas.  
    Then why do you use British spellings in your pieces?
    Eh...think it looks better.
:iconseibara:Seibara 0 0
If It's For You (Ionasal TF + Many More TG TFs)
The songs used in this piece are in the description. The primary TF in this piece is Ionosal from Ar Nosurge, though there are many more TFs and TGs both mentioned and briefly described.
    '...No, that can't be it.'
    '...Authorities have found no leads as to where the missing teen might be. An official, who spoke under condition he simply be known as S.R.M., said that there is no evidence that the teen has run away. He was asked if foul play was suspected, but dodged the question. He also gave the identity of the teen, fifteen year old Ruben Ariso-Urretavizcaya. This is the ninth male teen to go missing in the past two months.'
    My boss turned off the television. He just started staring at the Glock I had in its holster. I wasn't sure why he was staring there, but as long as it wasn't my breasts, I didn't really care.
    '...You've for sure heard about some of these, but of course, not all of them.', he explained, playin
:iconseibara:Seibara 6 26
Kindred (Rin Kagamine TG TF)
Note: For the everyone who finds having that weird language in here...weird, I've linked the songs in the description...the last two songs, at least.    

    'We shall sing the song we've crafted, and we shall appease the hearts of this world! So then, are you ready, Bonaire?', my girlfriend asked.
    'Yeah, I'm ready. After you!'
    'Okay! *ahem*'
    Wee yea erra chs hymmnos meaaaa... Was paks erra tasyue, walaen mea sos fedyya, Was ki ra re, gyuss vonn lir... Was yea ra sonwe hymmnos yora... Nn zweie gagis, en nn granme, gaya na netvear meaaaa...
    I will become a song. I'll excitedly sacrifice my life for the sake of the future. I'm being embraced by a light I cannot see. I would be happy to sing for you all. With unknown sincerity, and irrevokable courage, I refuse to give in.
    zz arhou/. (beat) zz dejuy/. (beat) hiew/., zz glansee/.
:iconseibara:Seibara 9 14
What I've done recently.

Have you ever written off your car in an accident? 

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I've requested critiques on my most recent story, so if you've read it already and have five minutes to kill, I'd appreciate it if you'd fill out the critique form.
I'm ready to write, but I've got one issue.

I don't know who to have as the resulting character at the end of the TF!

All right guys. You wanted to know who I am cosplaying as, and here you go.

I will be cosplaying as Laslow from Fire Emblem Fates.

I should have pictures in about a month, and my first con is in two.
I will be dropping all requests that I have. If I haven't touched a request in three weeks, I delete it, and it's been well over that amount of time for all of these. I'm really sorry, but I don't wish to keep you waiting for something that'll probably never be finished (seriously, two of these requests were started in August) and, if it is, will likely be rushed and not very good.


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United States
(Photo is of the coast of Reykjavik, Iceland, and was taken by a friend of mine)

My name is Taira, and I'm from New Jersey.

By trade I am a student journalist, but I've found a third home here!

I'm a little stingy on requests (though I will do them). They are limited to 3500 words, any longer being a commission.

These prices are my commission prices. They are minimums, so you're free to pay as much as you wish as long as it's equal to or above the prices listed.

4000: $1.25 or 100 points
5000: $3.75 or 300 points
6000: $6.25 or 500 points
7000: $8.75 or 700 points
8000: $11.25 or 900 points
9000: $13.75 or 1100 points
10000: $16.25 or 1300 points

I won't do: Fetish, real people, character to character (unless it's an OC), or inanimate.

The website listed is my blog, on which I mostly talk about motorsport.


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