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Readied Stance (Mai Natsume TG TF)
    'Get away from me!'
    The school system has its flaws. While it for the most part is a much more controlled environment than what it used to be, it's only "for the most part".
    Matt Hastings was on the losing end of the system. Never the most confident of individuals and always the target of jocks and other fools who like nothing more than to step upon the vulnerable students, Hastings didn't enjoy attending school, to say the least.
    'How was your day, Matt?' was not a question he liked hearing. His parents knew of what was going on and the school system had been told, but hadn't done much. Matt had actually noticed a pattern in their disciplinary tactics, most bullies would be punished with something light like detention or suspension, as an expulsion hearing requires police intervention, but it seemed that the school completely turned a blind eye towards one particularly brutal student, who wasn't punished at all.
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Violent Storm (Fjorm TG TF)
    'I'm not sure if I'll make it out of here alive...'
   Antarctica is a dead, deserted land where very few flora and fauna survive and humans are rare to come across. Even in summer, only about four thousand people ever inhabit the continent, and there are no permanent inhabitants. Everyone stays a few months at most before heading home.
    About a third of Antarctic residents live at an unnamed research station on the Ross Ice Shelf. In a land where temperatures above freezing are a luxury at best, staying warm is a major concern. Thankfully, the research station is very high tech, but when one heads outside, it's a different story.
   Robert Valefous was one of these lucky few to inhabit the station. He was a newcomer to the station, having only been there six weeks. He was a quarter way through his six month stint in the station, and he was looking forward to leaving already. After all, this place wasn't where he wanted to be...he wanted t
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Sacred Art (Margaret TG TF)
    'So wait, everything's...different now?'
    Money unfortunately determines much more than it should, and due to that those with Daddy's money are getting the spots and positions they want, and truly talented individuals without much money are being left in the dust.
    'All right, another day, another...*sigh*' Emil Ivoire wasn't one of these rich kids. He was a talented musician, especially with string instruments, but he'd gambled his wellbeing on being part of an orchestra. He'd lost the gamble, and had been unemployed for so long that he could no longer pay the bills. Improper investment led to his house being foreclosed and Ivoire being kicked to the streets with little more than the clothes on his back and his favorite instrument, a small harp. While Ivoire was responsible for his own downfall, he wanted another shot, as he'd learned from his naïveté. Unfortunately, that shot would likely not happen anytime soon.
    Emil, a
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Final Burst (Hibari TG TF)
    'What the heck do you even mean by that?'
    'Wait, so this is the solution...this is very heck with this, I will not get anything done.' Sitting in his college's study lounge, Honoka Matsukio put his notecards down and checked the time. It was three in the morning, and he really didn't want to do this any longer.
    Born to an American mother who married a Japanese native and settled down in Japan, Honoka was new to the United States. He didn't look like a transfer student on account of being as white as can be due to his inheriting all his mom's genes, but he had only been in the country for a couple of weeks. No one knew him as a transfer student, and he was too quiet to ask. Therefore, he really only had one good friend.
    '...No, I have to study more. I have a test in history. So...' Honoka flipped through his history book and read a little more. 'All right. So French's radicals wanted to go back in time with their cou
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The Successor (Ruby Rose TG TF)
    'Let's wrap this up.'
    'Stupid fucking guys, they think me an idiot. I just want to have some fun, is all. I mean, what's wrong with having a little bit of fun?' Daniel muttered to himself as he hiked a backwoods trail while the guys were deciding whether to meet with Reese, 'I mean, sure the circumstances are a little inappropriate, but we don't need to be all down in the dumps.'
    Daniel Jore-Ginte had always been a hyper and impulsive one, which is why he was usually the one on lookout duty - because he'd do stupid things. As he matured, Daniel was always catching himself doing stupid stuff the second it was too late to not do it. The panty raid suggestion, for example, the second those words left his mouth, he regretted it. The frustration of not being able to stop himself was starting to build.
    '...Tch, what use am I...' As Daniel sulked, he didn't notice that he had taken a wrong turn in the forest, had left the trail, and was
:iconseibara:Seibara 45 9
Inner Reflection (Weiss Schnee TG TF)
    'What's going on in this town!?'
    It had been two weeks since Nico Gikoken's life forever altered. She'd mostly kept to herself during that time. Unlike with Reese, the media hadn't even found out about Nico, mostly because no one really cared about the goings on of a lowlife like her unless she was known to be committing crimes. Nico was still robbing those she felt necessary to rob, and was using Blake's silence and Semblance excellently. Her friends, Trevor, Ryan, and Daniel, still stuck by her side, thankfully.
    Gikoken had decided against returning to the Cartier household, mostly due to the circumstances, though this was actually a good move. The Cartier family had lots of money hidden away, and they were still bribing the media and local cops to keep the story contained to the area, so if that money was stolen, it would compromise this bribery. However, Nico was looking to find something besides money, and was willing to make a risky move.
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Flower Patch (Elise TG TF)
    We all have to make a living somehow.
    For Maxwell Merstaff, it was farming. Maxwell, usually just called Max by his very few friends, lived on a farm in the boondocks, tending to crops and selling those crops at a market a couple miles away. Max's fields and produce weren't bad, but they weren't anything to write home about either, and he was a terrible advertiser, usually just renting out the furthest stall in the market and quietly waiting for someone to buy something. This, of course, cost him dearly.
    'Well...that's another day of sales...', he said to himself while packing up one day, 'I just hope I've met the quota.' Everyone at the market had a minimum quota they had to meet, otherwise they could not have a stall. He usually just barely got by, but this time, as he tallied up his revenue, he noticed to his horror that he'd fallen way short. He'd need to meet the quota the next week, otherwise he'd have to sit down wit
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Last Dance (Olivia TG TF)
    'That's something I wouldn't mind, to be completely honest with you.'
    '...A tragic accident at the track took place this afternoon at the Speedway Karting Oval; The wreck took place on the second lap of a karting event at the facility's main oval, as you can see, one kart was launched over the barrier and into a tool shed where it struck some equipment, killing the driver, 19-year-old Paul Steck, of-' Sighing, I shut the news off and slunk back in my chair. There was nothing good on, and all of the news was extremely depressing. I still had a good while left in my break, but decided I might as well get back to work, and was just about to do so when I heard my name called.
    'Peter?' I froze. It was my boss' voice, and my boss doesn't usually refer to people by their real first name. Instead, everyone had nicknames (mine was Indie, after I insisted something was indigo rather than violet) that he used to get their attention. He only ever used thei
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Black Night (Blake Belladonna TG TF)
    'You've befallen quite the fate, I see.'
    'Nico! C'mon!' Nicolas Gikoken leapt out of the window on the second floor of the house he was sneaking around. A lookout on the street corner had spotted the house's owners coming home, and they needed to bail. Nico, unlike the lookout, wasn't paying much attention, and when he landed, he heard a loud crack before immediately feeling a pain so horrible he blacked out.
    Nico was a thief, to put it simply, and worked in a small group of thieves. He stole from the rich usually, or at the very least from those who flaunted their money, and usually gave half to the poor and kept the other half. Sometimes they kept it all, sometimes they gave it all to the poor, sometimes they did other stuff with it, but usually it was half to the poor and half to themselves. But things had just been compromised...
    'All right, let's bring him 'round...' Nico woke up in a severe daze. It took awhile for him to es
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Service With A Smile (Flora TG TF)
    'Why am I the refined one around here?'
    'Y-You ordered the filet mignon...correct?'
    'No, I ordered the hamburger with fries cooked medium-rare. I was told that it would be here in five minutes twelve minutes ago!'
    'A...thousand apologies, sir!...Who ordered the filet mignon!?'
    For Jay Skye, working in a high end restaurant looked to be a dream come true.  There was just something about being a waiter and serving people that he enjoyed, and he considered the day on which he was hired at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country to be the best day of his life. People had often told him that being a waiter was all but equal to being a maid, to which he cried bullshit. Though even still, his friends had brought up a good point when comparing him to a maid: poor stamina, a clumsy nature, yet a lot of raw talent, Jay was basically Felicia from Fire Emblem: Fates, a game he thoroughly enjoyed.
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First Dance (Ninian TG TF)
    '...All right Michael...let's get 'er done...'
    Stories have been told by many different storytellers of people who wished to accomplish something but either lacked the ability, confidence, or both to do so. Then, in their darkest hour, a bright light enveloped them, and they were turned into someone with a large amount of natural skill. Michael Wendell had read these stories. They included a clumsy butler named Carroll who was turned into a skilled female butler named Clorica with an uncanny ability to do perform her duties while sleepwalking, and a devoted archer named Jonathan who, after unnerving himself and breaking down, was turned a confident and skilled archer named Natalia. Michael always wished something like this could happen to him, but knew it would likely remain just a dream.
    ...You know where this is going, don't you, reader?
    '...Come on, you did your best, hopefully they recognize that...' Micha
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The Middle Of July (Yang Xiao Long TG TF)
    'Oh, you can't be serious!'
    'Piss off already, kid! You're nothing!'
    'I'm not nothing...! I can be just as tough as you!'
    June August Memorial High School was as bustling as ever. Between the teenage lovers fucking in the halls, the kids with anger issues kicking the everloving shit out of the vending machine, and the overzealous study group already preparing for finals despite it being February, it was a typical school with a typical student body. And of course, that means there's jocks.
    For Reese Cartier, a short and somewhat lanky 17 year old who had moved to the area at the start of the new year, jocks were an everyday sighting. They had been back at his old school, so their verbal assaults were nothing new.
    Reese sighed as the bus pulled into the loading area to drop them off. He threw his bag on his shoulders and stepped off.
    'Another day, another-' Reese was suddenly cut off
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Frenzied Soul (Hikage TG TF)
    '...Hmm, I guess you might be right about that.'
    'How about this butler outfit? You'd look absolutely amazing in it! And I could be an adorable maid!'
    'For the last time, the answer is no...I'm going in something homemade.'
    'What you picked out is barely homemade! It's literally just a suit and a dress jacket! Cmon, have some variety, Kellyn!'
    '...Let me think about this.' Kellyn Long walked through the aisles of the costume shop and to the back where the changing rooms were. He found a bench just outside one of the stalls and sat down to contemplate what exactly was going on. He'd been roped into participating in a cosplay dance ahead of a convention by Kate, a friend of his. Kate Jones, who was known for being extremely boisterous, was frequently trying to drag Kellyn into things. This time, however, Kate had asked Kellyn while he had been sky-high on pot after losing a bet with another one of his friends, and Kell
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Yet More Facts About Me, Some Guy On The Internet
    I suppose I will do one more of these, since I have gotten so many new readers as of recent (I've said it before and I'll say it again, thank you Jory!). If you have any questions, ask them in the comments!
    How do you like cosplay?
    I absolutely LOVE it! I've got a few small cons coming up, but Laslow's first time out was June 9th to a contest. It was so much fun. While I'm often a bit of a nervous wreck when in non-standard clothing, I've been getting used to it.
    Where'd your sense of sarcasm go?
    Away...for the most part. It'll still rear its ugly head every now and again, but I've started to set it to one side.
    What's your weakness?
    I have two. Procrastination and spending money too fast.
    Do you work?
    No, and I haven't held a job for more than a week. The one job I have held, I quit after two days because I wasn't bu
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The World's Awakening (Clorica TG TF)
    'Oh?...Uhm, I'm sorry?...'
    It's tough being a servant. Between the strict hours, unfallible mannerisms, and laborious work, the job of a butler or maid is most certainly not easy. And if that maid or butler lives at their place of employment, well...
    'Carroll!' Carroll Volk jumped. He'd zoned out for a few seconds. His employer and master, Wesley, was getting annoyed with him yet again, and Carroll was starting to become concerned about what Wesley thought of him and his usefulness. Surely he wouldn't be kicked to the curb, right?...R-right?
    Carroll had been a butler for a couple of years. He didn't remember his parents, who had both died when he was young, and he barely remembered his time bouncing between orphanages. He'd shown subservience and listening skills akin to a butler's during his time at the orphanages, and had been noticed by Wesley Joremby, a rich man in his late twenties (inheritance can do a lot) who frequently do
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My First Cosplay: Laslow by Seibara My First Cosplay: Laslow :iconseibara:Seibara 1 2
What I've done recently.

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Unfortunately, I'm going to have to change the prize for the contest, as I do not have access to my debit cards right now and likely won't for the next while. Instead the prize will be a free 5500 word commission, which would normally be $15. Again, I'm really sorry, but I don't have the means to pay.

I currently have four entries. Due date is the 28th at 23:59 EST.
I have three entries currently. The new deadline is either February 28th or fourteen days after I get a fourth entry, whichever comes first.
I'm going to have to extend again, as I only have two entries. I am looking for four to consider this contest valid.

I am looking for a written maid TG, at least 1500 words.
I only have one submission right now, so I'm going to extend one final time to February 2nd.


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These are my prices. 2000 counts as a request, and I'll let you know when/if I'm taking them. If I go over, you do not have to pay extra.

3000: $3
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5000: $12
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7000: $24
8000: $31
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I am willing to barter a little.

I won't do: Fetish, real people, character to character, feral, or inanimate. While I will do it, I'd greatly prefer not to do anthro.

...And yes, it may be hard to believe, but my eyes are really that color.


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