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Last Dance (Olivia TG TF)
    'That's something I wouldn't mind, to be completely honest with you.'
    '...A tragic accident at the track took place this afternoon at the Speedway Karting Oval; The wreck took place on the second lap of a karting event at the facility's main oval, as you can see, one kart was launched over the barrier and into a tool shed where it struck some equipment, killing the driver, 19-year-old Paul Steck, of-' Sighing, I shut the news off and slunk back in my chair. There was nothing good on, and all of the news was extremely depressing. I still had a good while left in my break, but decided I might as well get back to work, and was just about to do so when I heard my name called.
    'Peter?' I froze. It was my boss' voice, and my boss doesn't usually refer to people by their real first name. Instead, everyone had nicknames (mine was Indie, after I insisted something was indigo rather than violet) that he used to get their attention. He only ever used thei
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Black Night (Blake Belladonna TG TF)
    'You've befallen quite the fate, I see.'
    'Nico! C'mon!' Nicolas Gikoken leapt out of the window on the second floor of the house he was sneaking around. A lookout on the street corner had spotted the house's owners coming home, and they needed to bail. Nico, unlike the lookout, wasn't paying much attention, and when he landed, he heard a loud crack before immediately feeling a pain so horrible he blacked out.
    Nico was a thief, to put it simply, and worked in a small group of thieves. He stole from the rich usually, or at the very least from those who flaunted their money, and usually gave half to the poor and kept the other half. Sometimes they kept it all, sometimes they gave it all to the poor, sometimes they did other stuff with it, but usually it was half to the poor and half to themselves. But things had just been compromised...
    'All right, let's bring him 'round...' Nico woke up in a severe daze. It took awhile for him to es
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Service With A Smile (Flora TG TF)
    'Why am I the refined one around here?'
    'Y-You ordered the filet mignon...correct?'
    'No, I ordered the hamburger with fries cooked medium-rare. I was told that it would be here in five minutes twelve minutes ago!'
    'A...thousand apologies, sir!...Who ordered the filet mignon!?'
    For Jay Skye, working in a high end restaurant looked to be a dream come true.  There was just something about being a waiter and serving people that he enjoyed, and he considered the day on which he was hired at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country to be the best day of his life. People had often told him that being a waiter was all but equal to being a maid, to which he cried bullshit. Though even still, his friends had brought up a good point when comparing him to a maid: poor stamina, a clumsy nature, yet a lot of raw talent, Jay was basically Felicia from Fire Emblem: Fates, a game he thoroughly enjoyed.
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First Dance (Ninian TG TF)
    '...All right Michael...let's get 'er done...'
    Stories have been told by many different storytellers of people who wished to accomplish something but either lacked the ability, confidence, or both to do so. Then, in their darkest hour, a bright light enveloped them, and they were turned into someone with a large amount of natural skill. Michael Wendell had read these stories. They included a clumsy butler named Carroll who was turned into a skilled female butler named Clorica with an uncanny ability to do perform her duties while sleepwalking, and a devoted archer named Jonathan who, after unnerving himself and breaking down, was turned a confident and skilled archer named Natalia. Michael always wished something like this could happen to him, but knew it would likely remain just a dream.
    ...You know where this is going, don't you, reader?
    '...Come on, you did your best, hopefully they recognize that...' Micha
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The Middle Of July (Yang Xiao Long TG TF)
    'Oh, you can't be serious!'
    'Piss off already, kid! You're nothing!'
    'I'm not nothing...! I can be just as tough as you!'
    June August Memorial High School was as bustling as ever. Between the teenage lovers fucking in the halls, the kids with anger issues kicking the everloving shit out of the vending machine, and the overzealous study group already preparing for finals despite it being February, it was a typical school with a typical student body. And of course, that means there's jocks.
    For Reese Cartier, a short and somewhat lanky 17 year old who had moved to the area at the start of the new year, jocks were an everyday sighting. They had been back at his old school, so their verbal assaults were nothing new.
    Reese sighed as the bus pulled into the loading area to drop them off. He threw his bag on his shoulders and stepped off.
    'Another day, another-' Reese was suddenly cut off
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Frenzied Soul (Hikage TG TF)
    '...Hmm, I guess you might be right about that.'
    'How about this butler outfit? You'd look absolutely amazing in it! And I could be an adorable maid!'
    'For the last time, the answer is no...I'm going in something homemade.'
    'What you picked out is barely homemade! It's literally just a suit and a dress jacket! Cmon, have some variety, Kellyn!'
    '...Let me think about this.' Kellyn Long walked through the aisles of the costume shop and to the back where the changing rooms were. He found a bench just outside one of the stalls and sat down to contemplate what exactly was going on. He'd been roped into participating in a cosplay dance ahead of a convention by Kate, a friend of his. Kate Jones, who was known for being extremely boisterous, was frequently trying to drag Kellyn into things. This time, however, Kate had asked Kellyn while he had been sky-high on pot after losing a bet with another one of his friends, and Kell
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Yet More Facts About Me, Some Guy On The Internet
    I suppose I will do one more of these, since I have gotten so many new readers as of recent (I've said it before and I'll say it again, thank you Jory!). If you have any questions, ask them in the comments!
    How do you like cosplay?
    I absolutely LOVE it! I've got a few small cons coming up, but Laslow's first time out was June 9th to a contest. It was so much fun. While I'm often a bit of a nervous wreck when in non-standard clothing, I got my tips on public cosplay from Karastarr on Twitch, who is a frequent cosplayer (go check her out, she plays mostly JRPGs, but always streams in cosplay; She's pretty awesome).
    Where'd your sense of sarcasm go?
    Away...for the most part. It'll still rear its ugly head every now and again, but I've started to set it to one side.
    What's your weakness?
    I have two. Procrastination and spending money too fast.
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The World's Awakening (Clorica TG TF)
    'Oh?...Uhm, I'm sorry?...'
    It's tough being a servant. Between the strict hours, unfallible mannerisms, and laborious work, the job of a butler or maid is most certainly not easy. And if that maid or butler lives at their place of employment, well...
    'Carroll!' Carroll Volk jumped. He'd zoned out for a few seconds. His employer and master, Wesley, was getting annoyed with him yet again, and Carroll was starting to become concerned about what Wesley thought of him and his usefulness. Surely he wouldn't be kicked to the curb, right?...R-right?
    Carroll had been a butler for a couple of years. He didn't remember his parents, who had both died when he was young, and he barely remembered his time bouncing between orphanages. He'd shown subservience and listening skills akin to a butler's during his time at the orphanages, and had been noticed by Wesley Joremby, a rich man in his late twenties (inheritance can do a lot) who frequently do
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My First Cosplay: Laslow by Seibara My First Cosplay: Laslow :iconseibara:Seibara 1 2
Finish The Promise (Natalia TG TF)
    'Oh dear.'
    'It's now or never! All right, Jonathan requires an excellent score. He needs a round of 29 to tie, 30 to win this competition! It would be Saint Hanib High's first championship after fifty long years of disappointments if he can do this!'
    Jonathan Luchs readied his bow and arrow as he walked across the grass field and to his station. He wanted to win so badly for himself, his school, and his mother. A loss was unacceptable.
    Jonathan was an archer. He was the captain of his school's archery team. His school, Saint Hanib, had an excellent archery team that had somehow never won the state finals in fifty years of trying, and surely Jonathan was the key to breaking that streak!...At least that's what everyone thought.
    'Easy, Jonathan, easy...', he said to himself as he raised his bow and taut his arrow. His mind began to wander a bit. Were there really still bowyers and fletchers out there? How much money did
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Robotic Core (TF)
    Astoria Deos was not someone that many people thought was an explorer. Hell, she looked like either a cosplay model or a librarian to most people, she was that cute. In fact...she was both. But on the side, she worked as an independent explorer for whoever wanted an unknown area surveyed. A client's claim of 'this will be your toughest assignment, methinks' rarely sounded very threatening, considering just how often she got into trouble. In fact, she was usually more concerned with something trivial instead of the possible dangers of the mission. For her newest job, infiltrating an old underground power plant, her biggest concern wasn't the five trillion, four hundred fifty-nine billion, six hundred eleven million, three hundred seventy-two thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five ways she could be killed...but instead was her suit.
    '...Holy SHIT this thing is uncomfortable...' Her suit was an alloy, half lycra and half titanium
:iconseibara:Seibara 41 17
Ash To Ash (Magearna TG TF) Pokellection
This is a collection piece. I've mashed several stories together (in this case, Trails of Gleaming Swords, Showtime, Bouncing, and Ash to Ash) to make for easy reading. If you've already read the stories and don't wish to read them again, feel free to skip this one. If you'd like to read them again, or you haven't read them yet, then sit back, relax, grab a birch beer, and enjoy.
   'Wait a this...'
   I got home from the store and sat down on my bed to open my pack. I looked around for a pair of scissors to open it, all the while wondering if I'd get a new Pòkémon card.
   'Hmm...oh, here's some scissors.' I ripped open the pack and was greeted by a few cards I already had.
   'I've got that one...hmm...wait, something seems off.' I looked to my right, then to my left. 'Well, let's keep going.'
   It was a large pack, but most of them were just duplicates of cards I already had. I was getting rather frustrated by
:iconseibara:Seibara 9 14
Swing Once (Disgaea Double TGTF) EXEC::Collection
This is a collection piece. I've combined several stories (in this case, Swing Once) so you don't have to go searching for the second part. I haven't added anything to the stories themselves, so if you've already read Swing Once and don't want to read it again, feel free to skip this one. Otherwise, grab a birch beer and enjoy!
    'June? June! JUNE!'
    It was the second time around for Kieran Campbell. Twenty-six, brown-haired and green-eyed, and from Britain, Kieran was a charming one. He'd had an expedition out before to Japan, and now it was off to the northern Australian coastline. A cavern right along the shore had been off-limits for a few years, but access had recently been permitted. Kieran was new, but was already very popular, partially for the accent, which his American co-workers adored, and partially for his talent in finding things most people overlooked, as well as his overall bravery.
    'You're June I'll be workin' with you
:iconseibara:Seibara 7 1
Trails Of Cold Lead (Noel TG TF) Golden Collection
This is a collection piece. I've mashed a couple stories together (in this case, Trails of Cold Lead) for easier reading. If you've already read both parts, and you aren't up for reading through the full story again, feel free to ignore this one. If you have not read the full story, or you'd like to read it again, then grab yourself a birch beer and enjoy.
    'One more, you son of a bitch!'
    'Whuh? NO!' I looked upon my next victim and pointed my gun. This guy was twenty-five or so, and I kind of felt for him, as he probably had a family, but in this business, a job was a job.
    'You didn't pay back the debt! We gave you two weeks, it's been three, you fucker...' I sighed. 'But y'know've got a family, don't you?'
    'Yes! I have a wife...I have three kids...and-' I cut him off.
    'I'm a nice person. You owe us two thousand bucks. Give me what you got, and never get involved with us again. Never purchase shit from us,
:iconseibara:Seibara 2 5
Let It All Come Down (Charlotte TG TF)
    'The hell are you?!'
    The night was drawing near, the one I feared would be my last. An unknown and airborne illness had swept through the area. I caught it, and I was tested around the same time as that, so it was found very quickly, and an antidote was given. However, it simply didn't work. It seemed my body rejected the antidote. It truly was a strange disease, as I still had my prior energy and vigor, but when my blood was next looked at, massive amounts of the disease were found in the bloodstream. The doctors compared how long patients with the illness had lived, and gave me an estimate on how long I had left, along with what they thought would be the absolute maximum. Well, today is that absolute maximum, and if I awaken to the morning sun tomorrow, I'll be exceedingly lucky. And luck has never been on my side. Doctors had put me in a quarantined area, a simple wooden room with a decent bed, wooden bedside table, and a desk, all just in case.
:iconseibara:Seibara 25 16
Even More Facts About Me, Some Guy On The Internet
I exist!
    Yeah, I'm not dead quite yet (though that'll probably be within a couple years, knowing me). I've just been really busy with AN EXCITING ROUND OF...finals, and it seems as though I'm either I'm studying, playing something, too tired to crank out something decent, or busy heading to class in -500 degree Kelvin weather.
This time, I will let you guys post questions you may have for me in the comments, and I will add them to this submission with my answer. I doubt I will get many responses, but you never know...
    Sarcasm and a dirty sense of hum
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What I've done recently.

Besides the transformation itself, what is your favorite part of a TF? 

10 deviants said The aftermath
6 deviants said The initial reaction
5 deviants said The characters
3 deviants said The trigger
2 deviants said Other
1 deviant said The setting


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Well, my first con in cosplay was absolutely awesome. I was even stopped by someone who wanted a photo with me, and made a short appearance in a vlog! (This is a screencap of that vlog)2017-09-13 19.40.07 by SeibaraBeing stopped by someone who wanted a photo with me was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced. But yeah, 10/10 would do again!
There's nothing more humbling than having someone ask you for a photo.
The new story will be up in forty-five minutes. I'd like it out tonight, but it's not completely finished, so what I'm going to do is submit it tonight and add some details to spice it all up tomorrow morning.
New story up. I hope to get a commission done by Friday.


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Both requests and commissions are closed while I finish what I have. I will lay out new prices when I'm ready to reopen them.

I won't do: Fetish, real people, character to character (unless it's an OC), or inanimate.

...And yes, it may be hard to believe, but my eyes are really that color.


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